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Relevant quote is relevant

All worthy work is open to interpretations the author did not intend. Art isn’t your pet — it’s your kid. It grows up and talks back to you.

- Joss Whedon

I thought this post on tumblr was a very enlightening look into the writing problems in a:tla vs. korra.


On the subject of Lin/Tenzin

I came across this essay and thought it was interesting enough to share. (Seriously, read it.  Great stuff.)

Anyway, am I alone in wishing they hadn't gone there?  Couldn't it have worked just fine keeping them childhood friends?  I really hate the unfortunate implications with Lin being a ~bitter single career woman~ who is still angry about a breakup years and years after it happened and got completely backstabbed by one of her oldest friends.  

If nothing else, this paragraph nails it:

[...] it just makes Pema’s line about Tenzin’s being with the “wrong woman” in Episode 5 just that much more insufferably arrogant in hindsight. Tenzin’s known Lin pretty much his entire goddamn life! I’m sure he has a solid read on whether or not she’s a good person, Pema. But no; you should totally go ahead and just make that call yourself.

So, yeah. This episode successfully poisoned Tenzin and Pema’s entire relationship for me, and made me completely forget about what Makorra and Borra even were.

This is, to me, the only ‘ship war’ even remotely worth debating, just because it’s so infuriating in its implications.

I apologize in advance. It took me a month to write this and by now the fans that were critical of the show have moved on and the remaining fandom is "la la la la Legend of Korra was great fuck the haters I'm not listening." 

But I don't feel comfortable putting this on my LJ because my flist is suffering general exhaustion over LoK discussion. Since this comm was created as a safe place for thoughtful criticism of the franchise, I hope it's okay to put it here.  Warning for spoilers from the whole season.

The TL;DR version is that I was extremely disappointed and angry because not only was the show badly written, but I feel lied to because LoK took everything that AtLA stood for and shat on it. Now I just saved you a hour of your time reading my blather. LOL

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Korra Season 1 Thoughts (spoilers)

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While I don't condone petty personal jabs at the creators, and I think they are both quite talented at the things they do well (ideas, character design, world-building, etc.) Mike and Bryan are not very good writers.  And now that the narrative is 100% unadulterated Bryke, the Avatar fandom at large has had to face facts and agree.  See, we weren't just complaining about nothing.  :P

Mod Post!

Hello, hello everybody!

Well, as you may or may not know, our lovely Rachel stepped down as leader of this fine community several months back and she placed the reins in my hands. It is a position I have been honored to take on.

Anyways, I'm just here to make my presence known, and I hope with the upcoming Legend of Korra that we will continue to have interesting, thoughtful, and lively discussions. I would also like to pass along some gentle reminders.

And yes, I am aware that the first two episodes of Legend of Korra have been leaked, so I am going to remind you to always put spoilers behind a cut for the benefit of those who haven't seen it yet.

Also, things have overall been pretty quiet, and you're a good bunch, so I don't think that I'll need to wield the bahammer. I trust that we can all behave and conduct ourselves like intelligent, reasonable adults. However, if I see someone starting up drama, wank, or flamebaiting, I will not hesitate to kick you out of the community. I have zero patience for such things, and I don't wish to do that. However, I don't foresee any problems, so carry on my lovelies!

Your Friendly Benevolent Dictator


The possibility of energybending in Korra

SPOILERS AHOY: Some speculation on Amon and the anti-bending movement we've gleaned from recent trailers.

So when it comes to our favorite manipulative and evil Firebender, it appears fandom is split in the decision whether her descent into insanity was well-written or not and if there were any hints of foreshadowing Azula's fate. Some argued there were no hints whatsoever that Azula will descend into madness and that she was carrying some unresolved issues with her mother, while others have explained and written well-written essays that the steps into madness were early and subtle and the circumstances that ignited it (Mai and Ty Lee's defection and betrayal, Azula's sudden promotion as Firelord, etc) were very much clear.

As for her character, it seems that the writers were attempting to imply that some amount of jealousy towards Zuko's close relationship with Ursa and yearning for motherly affection some of the reasons for her abusive relationship with her brother, as well as she also desperately wanted her father's love and/or respect/approval. However, some argued there were little to no hints of Azula's feelings and thoughts regarding Zuko's relationship with Ursa, Ursa herself, and Ozai and her (Azula) relationship with him.

Me personally, I thought and still think the reasons why Azula grew insane were understandable, her insanity was bubbling under the surface, and I did and still suspect that she did have unresolved issues with her parents and desperately wanted love, and Ty Lee and Mai's betrayal aggravated her hidden and mental instability. However, I am willing and open to opinions different to my interpretation.

Long story short: do you think Azula's characterization was well-written or was there room for improvements? What is/was your overall assessment of her character? Personal thoughts about her family situation and reasons why it became the way it was? Do you think she truly cared for Mai and Ty Lee or simply saw them as minions who should show her unwavering loyalty and obedience?

(Also, apologies that most of my posts in the community were pairing related.)

Korra Premiere Leaked

Avoid this thread if you don't want spoilers, obviously.

The full pilot episode premiere has been leaked and can be viewed here.

How do you think it's looking so far?

Art/Animation Discussion

I thought it would be interesting to discuss the series from an art and animation perspective.

So what are your thoughts? For example..
Was there a significant change in the character models from Season one to Season three? (or maybe the change wasn't significant, but still noticeable)
Or do you prefer how the characters are designed from book/game cover/etc.
Were there any particular episodes that you liked because of the animation?
Or are there episodes that you felt should have been re-done for whatever reason?

Feel free to post as many pictures as you see fit :)